Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bangalore Metro

BANGALORE: On October 20, when Bangalore Metro, South India's first chugs in, the journey will be one that has used a wide range of the latest technologies used by metro rail systems worldwide.
Bangalore Metro is standard gauge, a system used by most metros worldwide. Narrower than the broad gauge, it allows for greater manoeuvrability, easy ride along curves, laying of tracks even on narrow stretches and control. The standard gauge has a track width of 4ft, 8.5inches, or 1,435mm, while the Indian broad gauge is 5ft, 6inches, or 1,676mm.

"The Bangalore Metro, in terms of technology, is comparable to any metro rail system in the world — in Europe , USA or China — and is even ahead of some of them," BMRCL MD N Sivasailam told TOI.
The rolling stock (coaches/cars) are three stainless steel-bodied wagons. Though equipped with automated functions, the train will be under the driver's control. The seating capacity per train is approximately 1,000, giving more floor area to standing passengers.
The coaches are world-class, manufactured by Hyundai Rotem Korea and Mitsubishi Electric Company. BEML has the licence to manufacture coaches in Bangalore. While Mitsubishi supplied traction for the coaches, Hyundai Rotem supplied the rolling stock and BEML the coaches.
Electricity for the train will run on a third rail next to the main track. It has an opening at the bottom at points from where the train draws its power. The third rail is covered with a yellow shroud, and a person falling on the track won't be electrocuted. ABB will design, supply, install and commission four substations to receive and distribute electricity at 66/33 kV, as well as auxiliary and traction substations.
ABB will provide an integrated network management, or SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) system to monitor and control installations.
Cameras will be installed inside the train as well as stations, and people's movements will be monitored by an operations control centre at Byappanahalli. In case of any help or emergency, the control room will be able to see what went wrong.
Trains will be Wi-Fi enabled, so passengers can use laptops, tablets as well as mobile internet.

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